Plan Your Visit to the Expo

Before the Event

1. Outline Your Goal

Classify the career or industries you are interested in. If you are unsure of what career or industry you would like to pursue, create a list of skill sets that peak your interests (i.e. math, design, computers, communication, etc.). Bring this with you to the event.

2. Research Exhibitors

Before the event, look at the list of companies and schools that will be present and research any specialties they offer. After you’ve conducted your research, create a “hit list” of the 5-15 exhibitors you want to meet with.

At or After the Event

1. Log Your Conversations

Using this sheet or your mobile phone, keep a record of your interactions and conversations to refer to later.

2. Follow up

Follow-up with any schools or businesses you spoke with at the event within 2 weeks.